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              Beijing Forestry University Foreign Students Management Regulations (Undergraduate)


              第一条 为增进我国与世界各国人民之间的了解和友谊,促进我校的国际交流与合作,加强对接受和培养外国留学生工作的规范管理,根据教育部有关文件精神,结合我校实际情况,特制定本规定

              Article 1

              These Regulations are formulated in accordance with the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and with the actual situation of our university in order to enhance the understanding and friendship between the people of our country and other countries, promote the international exchange and cooperation of our University, and strengthen the standardized management of the acceptance and training of foreign students

              第二条 本规定所称外国留学生是指持外国护照,被正式录取到我校全日制本科学习的外国公民。

              Article 2

              The term "foreign students" as mentioned in these Regulations refers to foreign citizens who hold foreign passports and are officially admitted to our university for full-time undergraduate study.

              第三条  外国留学生原则上应与境内录取的学生同等对待,除本文件有专门规定之外,执行北京林业大学的学籍管理规定

              Article 3

              In principle, foreign students shall be treated in the same way as Chinese students. In addition to the special provisions in this document, the regulations on student status management of Beijing Forestry University shall be implemented.

              第四条  外国留学生原则上应修习所学专业教学计划规定的全部课程,取得规定的学分后可准予毕业,并根据国家有关规定获取学位。

              Article 4

              In principle, foreign students should study all the courses specified in the teaching plan of their major. After obtaining the required credits, they can be allowed to graduate and obtain a degree in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state.

              第五条  外国留学生可以提前或推后修习教学计划规定的部分课程。但修习课程应按照先基础、后专业,由浅及深,循序渐进的原则,事先提出修习计划,报教务处批准后方可执行。

              Article 5

              Foreign students can take part of the courses specified in the teaching plan in advance or behind the schedule. However, study plan should be based on the principle of first basic, then major, from shallow to deep, and step by step. The study plan should be proposed in advance, and it can be implemented after approval by the Academic Affairs Office.

              第六条  外国留学生应按规定参加所学课程的考试,如果考试不及格应该重修,重修课程要按规定交费。

              Article 6

              Foreign students should take the exams of the courses they have studied according to the regulations. If they fail the exams, they should retake the courses and pay the fees according to the regulations.

              第七条  学校组织外国留学生进行教学实习和社会实践,应按照教学计划与在校的其他学生一起进行;但在选择实习或实践地点时,应当遵守有关涉外和保密规定。

              Article 7

              The school organizes foreign students to conduct teaching internships and social practices together with other students in the school in accordance with the teaching plan; however, when choosing an internship or practice location, it shall comply with relevant foreign-related and confidentiality regulations.

              第八条  根据教育部有关规定,外国留学生可以申请免修政治课和军训课,免修后所造成的学分不足应以全校公共选修课弥补

              Article 8

              According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of education, foreign students can apply for exemption from political courses and military training courses. The credit shortage caused by the exemption should be made up by the public elective courses of the whole university. 


              According to the actual situation of our university, the specific courses that can be exempted after research are as follows: 

              1.毛泽东思想概论(修读法学类专业的除外)- Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought (except for those studying law majors) 

              2.马克思主义政治经济学原理(修读经济学类、管理学类专业的除外)- Principles of Marxist Political Economics (except for those studying economics and management majors) 

              3.马克思主义哲学原理(修读法学类专业的除外)- Principles of Marxist Philosophy (except for those studying law majors) 

              4.邓小平理论概论、 “三个代表” 重要思想- An introduction to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" 

              5.思想道德修养- Ideological and moral cultivation 

              6.形势与政策- Situation and Policy 

              7.军训及军事理论- Military training and military theory 

              8.职业生涯规划- Career plan 

              9.就业指导- Employment (Career) Guidance  第九条  申请免修的程序为:学生在每学期第1–2周向所属院部提出书面申请,院部签署意见后报教务处批准方可生效

              Article 9

              The procedures for applying for exemption are as follows: students should submit a written application to the affiliated department in the first to second weeks of each semester, and the application will come into effect only after the Department has signed the opinions and submitted to the Academic Affairs Office for approval.

              第十条  汉语为学校培养外国留学生的基本教学语言。对汉语水平难以满足专业学习要求的学生,应当参加必要的汉语补习。

              Article 10

                Chinese is the basic language of instruction for the University to train foreign students. For students whose Chinese proficiency cannot meet the professional learning requirements, they should take necessary Chinese Courses.

              第十一条  以英语为母语的外国留学生可以免修英语,其他国家留学生视具体情况而定。

              Article 11

              Foreign students who use English as their mother tongue can be exempted from learning English. Students from other countries may take English as the case may be.

              第十二条  未尽事宜参照《北京林业大学本科学籍管理规定》相关规定执行

              Article 12

              Matters not covered herein shall be implemented in accordance with "Administrative Regulations on Undergraduate Status of Beijing Forestry University".

              第十三条  本规定由教务处负责解释。

              Article 13

              The office of Academic Affairs shall be responsible for the interpretation of these regulations.