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              1. source:国际学院
              2. time:2021-05-21
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              帕莎(来自巴基斯坦):We had a great time with other Chinese participants in the activity and wrapped up with a picture shoot. For me, cultural and historical activities are always fun and provide a lot of information. Thanks so much for providing us such enjoyable experiences.

              卡卡(来自南苏丹):According to my personal feelings I can say that the activity was very nice and I enjoyed it, I was entertained especially rolling of that spear and short stick, and the good thing is the trainer give a chance to students who like to try on the costumes.

              本努尔(来自突尼斯): This painting activity allowed me to discover the joy of my heart. A connection to my inner child, to my intuition and above all, to my creativity. It was a very enjoyable moment for me to detect my artistic side and therefore put my intention on the canvas. The feeling of cheerfulness overwhelmed me. Thanks a lot! I really had a pleasurable time, acquired a knowledge in a fascinating and friendly atmosphere.