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              1. source:国际学院
              2. time:2021-05-17
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              帕斯(来自加纳):I am extremely glad to have been part of the activity. Though my level of Chinese couldn’t afford me understand everything, I enjoyed it to the maximum.

              It was interesting getting to know old Beijing’s cultural heritage and discovering the historical beauty of Beijing. It was also fun to meet new friends and having memorable photo shoots.

              I admired how the presenter was good at doing it and presented so well without just a struggle.

              I think China has a great cultural heritage and needs to protect and preserve it very well.

              诺阿(来自海地):今天的活动真是太棒了毛猴,听起来很怪异,但是通过参与其中,人们会发现这项活动多么有趣和有价值。我们不仅要听艺术的故事,还要成为艺术的参与者。这一点使我更加享受它,因为我有机会成为新事物的创造者。我以前从未参加过这样的活动,非常高兴这次得到机会参加, 我希望学校继续提供此类活动,以便我们在课堂外享受中国的美丽和中国灵魂的创造力。

              拉苏(来自印度):This activity was a really full of enjoyment and creativity. I am very thankful to International College and all teachers those who made it possible. I hope in future we will also have this type of activities. Thank you!

              阿西夫(来自巴基斯坦): We enjoyed and had fun but besides enjoyment and fun we learned something new about Chinese culture and old Beijing artists. It was a great opportunity and we are thankful to International College for providing us such a good opportunity to learn new things.

              本努尔(来自突尼斯):I really had a very pleasant morning and I am delighted with my creation, where rediscovered the taste of handmade in a friendly atmosphere. This learning part of the local Chinese art culture tells a story and this gives it priceless value ! It is a moment for myself; enriching, calm, makes my imagination speak, shows my artistic prowess to express my emotions and gives me pleasure! Precisely, this participation was a great way to immerse myself in the cultural life of the Chinese community. A magnificent experience where art is the medium of expression.