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              1. source:国际学院
              2. time:2021-04-21
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              来自巴基斯坦的牧塔说: During todays activity, we heard pigeon whistles, winter hats, summer caps, ice cream cups, percussion sounds for various uses, animal bells, wooden belling sounds, organ sound for doctors calling patients, a ringing bell sound for an emergency case, sound for banking in a certain instrument, and so on. The artist Mr. A Long gave us presents in the shape of thousand-year-old silver coins during his appearance and launch of goods; it was a kind gesture on his part that encouraged us to engage more with the presenter. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the former dynasties of Beijing, China.

              来自加纳的帕斯说:I am extremely glad to have been part of the activity. Though my level of Chinese couldnt afford me understand everything, I enjoyed it to the maximum. It was interesting getting to know old Beijings cultural heritage and discovering the historical beauty of Beijing. It was also fun to meet new friends and having memorable photo shoots. I admired how the presenter was good at doing it and presented so well without just a struggle. China has a great cultural heritage and it needs to be protected and preserved very well.

              来自巴基斯坦的帕说:During his presentation and introduction of goods, Mr. A Long presented us gifts in form of thousand years old silver coins, which was really a kind action by him which urged us more interaction toward the presenter. It was really a fabulous event to get some know how about the past dynasties of Beijing, China. Here are some glimpse of the memories which we saved in camera after attending the precious and rare event.