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              今天是2022年2月10日 星期四,歡迎光臨本站 





                Anhui Xinze Equipment Cleaning Co.,Ltd.is located in Tianchang City,Anhui Province.It is a comprehensive company dedicated to industrial cleaning services and technical consulting.In the field of professional cleaning,we have a team of experts with more than ten years of experience.The team not only has deep theoretical knowledge,but also has rich practical experience in technical cost control and construction management.The company also provides professional services to customers(including cleaning companies).Cleaning technical consulting,cleaning consulting and other services.Taking R&D and innovation as the driving force,the company is committed to the research and development of industrial cleaning.

                At present,the passivating agent developed and produced by the enterprise has been widely used in chemical,petroleum,nuclear industry,metallurgy,electronics and other fields.It has made outstanding contributions to energy saving,production reduction and sanitation.Service engineering projects include industrial equipment cleaning,high-pressure water jet cleaning,PIG pipeline cleaning,heat exchanger cleaning,storage tank cleaning,boiler cleaning,large-scale equipment before start-up,inspection and maintenance period cleaning,equipment maintenance and repair cleaning,oxygen pipeline degreasing,medical stainless steel Pipeline cleaning and passivation,electronic industry process pipeline cleaning,various industrial and civil boiler cleaning,chemical plant cleaning and passivation,etc.

                In line with the business philosophy of integrity,we are willing to save energy and reduce consumption for the enterprise,delay the service life of the equipment,and make you exceed expectations.It is our consistent pursuit.The company"s main products are:stainless steel cleaning and purification paste,stainless steel cleaning and passivation liquid,renewal passivation paste,titanium cleaning agent,and other metal surface treatment agents.

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